Making some Fire Magic

When Michelle moved out of her wonderful space in Fishtown we lost what had been our practice home. We’ve had some temporary homes, but while they’ve worked in a pinch, nothing has felt quite the same. Until now! It’s a beautiful space with lots of flat grass, plenty of parking and easy to get to. Now the only thing to stress about at practice is, well, practicing! We couldn’t be happier. Huge thanks to Noel and Krstena for inviting us into their wonderful home and making fire magic with us. ❤

Parade of Spirits

Have I really been so remiss in keeping up that I never posted our performance from Parade Of Spirits? I perhaps was waiting until I had cut the video I (still) have queued up that is more of a highlight of the whole event, rather than a documentation of our show. However… as a freelancer it seems my own projects tend to get back-seated the most, so that one is still in the hopper. So. Here’s our show from Parade of Spirits, that I am much delayed in posting. A Latin invocation! Kids performing with fire! The Krampus Stomp! Oh and a totally amazing stage set made by Michelle and Tim, without whom we’d be a lost bunch of fire performers.

Here’s a gallery of some additional images too:

Fun filled October weekend

October is The Best month for fire performance. The weather is chill but not too cold, the humidity is usually down and everyone is starting to get festive. Halloween is coming! Winter holidays soon to follow! We start to really ramp up our Krampuslauf planning for December, but that doesn’t mean we stop enjoying the here and now. This past weekend we had a packed back-to-back schedule at two very different events. The Piazza in Northern Liberties holds a special place for us. It is one of the venues that our ladies first performed together, and it is right down the street from our ‘home base’ of Liberty Lands park. So we were really excited to re-visit the venue and bring along some of our fantastic new members. The evening was great and we can’t wait to be back! The next night was a bit of a road trip out to Bethlehem to join our fellow fire spinners of the Burning Hearts for an Oktoberfest celebration. There was even some German/Hungarian dancing to warm up the crowd! Check out some pictures below, taken by some of our family members (in Bethlehem) and Chris Koontz (at the Piazza).

FEASTival with Philadelphia Fringe Arts

The new-ish Fringe Arts space by the Race St. pier is beautiful. We’ve been eying their great outdoor space and somewhat industrial setting for a while, waiting for the right opportunity to partner with Fringe Arts to bring some fire to the venue. A few weeks ago we finally got our chance! We were honored to perform at the Audi FEASTival, along with some true Philly greats like Brian Sander’s Junk, Almanac Dance Circus Theatre and Circadium, among others. The event was a ton of fun (and ushered in some great cool autumnal weather!) and extremely well attended. There were so many photographers at the event, but we really love the images that were captured by Iluminada Photography. They gave us permission to share them here- but if you’re in the market for some event photography (or wedding photography) go check them out!


Strength Source Project

A few weeks ago we got an email from Carrie Biegler, a photographer who has seen us perform in Liberty Lands a few times. She wanted to know if we’d be interested in participating in her Strength Source Project, a photography project that is a women’s empowerment photo-story project. Local artist who wants to profile strong women? Sign us up!! She met with Xtina and Tara and took some amazing photos of some of our rehearsals and our performance for NLArts. Definitely check out her site, it is a great project and we’re honored to be involved! Thanks Carrie!

Bellydance meets fire in Philadelphia, PA.