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FEASTival with Philadelphia Fringe Arts

The new-ish Fringe Arts space by the Race St. pier is beautiful. We’ve been eying their great outdoor space and somewhat industrial setting for a while, waiting for the right opportunity to partner with Fringe Arts to bring some fire to the venue. A few weeks ago we finally got our chance! We were honored to perform at the Audi FEASTival, along with some true Philly greats like Brian Sander’s Junk, Almanac Dance Circus Theatre and Circadium, among others. The event was a ton of fun (and ushered in some great cool autumnal weather!) and extremely well attended. There were so many photographers at the event, but we really love the images that were captured by Iluminada Photography. They gave us permission to share them here- but if you’re in the market for some event photography (or wedding photography) go check them out!