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2013 Performance Demo

Our new performance demo is up! We worked with Chris Palo who directed the project, and a great team from Drexel, led by Chip Murphy. It was a whirlwind day, with multiple locations and costume changes, but a lot of fun. We shot on a RED Epic-X and a Black Magic Cinema Camera, and wow do those images look great! Thanks to our locations, Liberty Lands Park, VJ Kevlar and Sharktown. Music is pulled from some of the lovely Foxy La Tigre’s mixes and Matt X. Check out the video, and let us know what you think! Huge thanks to everyone who helped make this video happen.


Oh what fun! We were asked to put on a show for the annual Krampus festival in Northern Liberties. I’d heard about the event on NPR last year, so was pretty excited. We couldn’t put on a full Lux Arati show due to a whole bunch of schedule conflicts, but put on a bit of a throw-together display with the help of wonderful Brad.

Brad and Jexi breathing fire

The kids were great and the costumes were amazing. There is a flickr photo pool with some great shots. One of my favorites is this one. That little kid in the bottom right was adorable. Jexi had just done some hooping, and her hoop was lying on the ground next to the stage. I saw the whole thought process as the kid stared at the hoop, inching forward towards it. “Magic came from that… I want to understand how it works!” As the kid leaned down to touch the torch (long cooled, it would have been fine) Jexi pulled the hoop away. Rather than being mad, the kid just looked up slightly disappointed, sad that the chance to touch the magic hoop was taken away. The whole thing was rather adorable.

Krstena’s first show with us!