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PEX Heartburn

Photo by Redlte Photos https://www.facebook.com/redlitephotos
Photo by Redlte Photos https://www.facebook.com/redlitephotos

Looking for something fun to do this chilly Valentine’s Weekend? Heat things up at Heartburn! We won’t be performing as a group this year, but some of our ladies will be there to entertain. Check out our lovely Miss Xtina with a burlesque piece, I’m sure you won’t want to miss it.

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What a weekend

Wow. We’re all basking in the glow that was a wonderful PEX Summer Fest. The entire cast of the Russian Roulette Variety show was beyond phenomenal. Our theme camp was well received and well utilized, even hosting as the backdrop for SETU Tribe’s pre-performance prep video footage. Before the effigy burn, past Lux Arati member and good friend Jeximé spun firework poi, and Vinny and Terry (both who have been super supportive with helping us up our game this year) spun laser dragon staffs. Can’t get much better than that!

Photos and footage are still coming in, and I’ll add up a separate page once we have a good number of them, but for now, here’s a photo from Carter Smith of Czartography, and a still from the video footage that I’m still sifting through. Thanks to everyone who was a part of the show, a part of the weekend and who helped capture it all.

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Michelle's amazing fire breath
Michelle’s amazing fire breath


PEX Heartburn 007: The Spy Who Stole My Heart

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Oh Heartburn. Always one of the more devilish events. What else could you expect from an event in February? In previous years, we learned the joy of performing in sleet and freezing rain. Since we’ve had our fair share of performing in some pretty cold conditions this year **cough cough KRAMPUS!! cough cough** we thought we’d avoid the frigid temps this go around. Boy are we glad we did! The fire spinning of the night ended up cancelled do to the icy conditions. (The drive there and back was super fun, goodness!) For us though? The show went on! We had a loose spy theme for our costumes and performed throughout the night with some fun roving choreography. We got some great crowd interaction for this one, too! All in all it was a great night. And since we weren’t spinning fire we got to wear all sorts of fun flammable accoutrements. Bustles!!! The photos in our slideshow are tagged by the photographers, but head over to here and here to see more fun shots from the night.

Some Truely Fantastic PEX 2013 photos

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The wonderful Rachel Gwynne-Eisley just posted some photos of our show at PEX, and… well, wow. She did a great job! Definitely check her out if you need someone to shoot live events along the DC – Boston corridor! www.Rachel-Eisley.com

We also got some fantastic photos from Lars Larsen. He takes some of the best fire photography I’ve seen, and I’m super happy he was able to grab some good shots of our show. We also went over to his set up of “Camp Photon” after the show on Friday for some staged shots… it was a lot of fun, I’ll post those up later. Swing by his facebook page or his flickr for some more awesome fire photography.

PEX Summer Fest 2013!


What a weekend. Photos and videos are starting to trickle in from PEX summer fest 2013. Once we have some more I’ll post up a big group of them, but till then, here’s a link to part of the show on Thursday night. The crowd was awesome, our fellow Russian Roulette performers were amazing and we had a great time. Also, check out the awesome panoramic photo above that Lux Arati friend Terry Fields snapped. I’d suggest clicking on the image to get it up full size- there was a huge crowd to get in the shot!