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PEX 2016

This post is WAY late in coming. Pick your poison as to why, but lets just say life got away from me. On to the fun stuff! For the first year since we’ve been performing with the show, Lux Arati got to open the Russian Roulette Variety Show. It was fantastic not to have to wait the whole time to perform and be able to enjoy the rest of the acts. We had a great time, and can’t wait to put together our next RRVS piece! Fantastic photos thanks to William Tanksley and Redlite. (Raw video of the piece is here.)

PEX Summer Fest!


It’s that time of year again! We’re off to PEX Summer Fest to participate in the Russian Roulette Variety Show. We’re also excited to be hosting a cabin on Art Cabin Row this year, the Luxie Beauty Booty Boudoir!

Part portable green room, part Silk Road pit stop along Art Cabin Row. Join the Luxies and other performers, travelers, artists and other freaky friends as we host a daytime chill space and early evening beauty boudoir. We invite the weekends finest performers (and other fabulous festival-goers) to stop by and put on those finishing touches at our Glam & Glitter Performer Prep Station. Once you’re ready for the evening ahead, take a photo at our BYO Camera Beauty Booty Photo Booth. Check our Event board on display in the Oasis for sporadic, spur of the moment performer related workshops hosted at the Oasis, the festivals premiere performance showcases throughout the weekend.

Tickets are sold out for the event, but if you’re one of the lucky ones who grabbed one, come on by and say hi! (The Who What Where guide for the event can be found here.) Luxies can be found all around the event, make sure to catch the lovely Setu Tribe led by fearless Luxie Geri before the effigy burn!