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PEX Heartburn 007: The Spy Who Stole My Heart

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Oh Heartburn. Always one of the more devilish events. What else could you expect from an event in February? In previous years, we learned the joy of performing in sleet and freezing rain. Since we’ve had our fair share of performing in some pretty cold conditions this year **cough cough KRAMPUS!! cough cough** we thought we’d avoid the frigid temps this go around. Boy are we glad we did! The fire spinning of the night ended up cancelled do to the icy conditions. (The drive there and back was super fun, goodness!) For us though? The show went on! We had a loose spy theme for our costumes and performed throughout the night with some fun roving choreography. We got some great crowd interaction for this one, too! All in all it was a great night. And since we weren’t spinning fire we got to wear all sorts of fun flammable accoutrements. Bustles!!! The photos in our slideshow are tagged by the photographers, but head over to here and here to see more fun shots from the night.

Halloween is the best time of year


This was a very Day-of-the-Dead themed Halloween for us this year. A few ladies spun fire over at Twisted Tail, as part of their 3rd Annual Halloween party. And last weekend we had the whole crew together (all 8 of us!) for some awesome spinning at the Sexton Sideshow. Friend photographers Zamani and Alexis came, too, and got some fantastic shots. What a great Halloween!

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Poet-tree En Motion

Did you miss us at Karnival? Or do you prefer your fiery entertainment in a non-party environment? Poet-tree En Motion is just for you! We’ll be performing at the 2012 Annual Spring Fundraiser, on Wednesday, May 16th. The event kicks off at 7 and goes till around 10, and is held at the Rotunda (4014 Walnut Street West Philly, PA 19104).

Here’s the write-up:

Each event of the ongoing Poet-tree En Motion performance series highlights the work of Resident Performance Artist; ”Plum Dragoness” (a.k.a. Gabrielle de Burke) & the acts she features according to theme of the community event. This is the final seasonal event of the 2012 spring series. This season finale is a special annual event & includes a SILENT AUCTION with items ranging from antiques, art, estate/handcrafted jewelry, clothing, accessories, goods & services, etc. In addition to GUEST ARTIST PERFORMANCES & provided REFRESHMENTS… 

Performance Acts:

Plus visual projections to stimulate the retinas by VJ Kevlar, & digable dubstep & jungle beats to move them funky feet w/ DJ SoundJack & DJ Hydrophonic!

*Suggested Donation is PWYC/$5-$20…