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Fun at the Rotunda

Last night was a lot of fun. Despite threatening all week to rain, the weather turned out just beautiful. I think we should perform with live drummers more often… huge thanks to Gabrielle for putting on a great show! One of the audience members grabbed some snippets of video. Here’s the beginning of the fan finale piece.


Come one, Come all, to Karnival!

11:10-11:20, at the Red Square Stage

We’ll be part of the Red Square Stage entertainment for Bangarang’s Karnival… Keep an eye out for the lovely Penny Treats and inspiring Iconic Fire- a show not to be missed!

“At Karnival, my lovelies, you are in for a treat that can’t be beat! We have searched far and wide for the brilliantly bizarre to delight and entertain you, ladies and gentlemen. This is all for you, ladies and gentlemen. And you are most fortunate, for we did indeed quite succeed in tracking down the not nearly bombastic, but the truely fantastic. So wake up, ladies and genltemen! I am proud to introduce to you, KARNIVAL.”

TICKETS —-> http://fla.vor.us/karnival <—–TICKETS
Costumes Strongly Encouraged – Not Required