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Instagramming the show

Its funny how hard it can be to track down pictures of our shows. When I look out to the audience it seems that half the folks are holding up their phones. But either the don’t tag us or don’t actually share the images because they end up off in the digital void. Being friends with the bartender who had us at his block party does have some advantages though! I was lamenting that I hadn’t seen any and he showed me to some Instagram shots that folks grabbed. A few friend-ings later and I’ve got some photos to share. Thanks Clark!!

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Fun in the Sun

The wonderful Fahrenheit Flow Festival is this weekend. Fahrenheit is a three day camping event where fire performers and flow artists of all types and skill levels come from near and far to share and celebrate their passion for this captivating art form. Many of the Luxie Ladies are involved with the festival, from helping organize to teaching workshops. I’m sure it’ll be a great time for all who are attending!

BUT… for those of you not out camping for the weekend and hanging around Philly, the Luxies who are still in town will be performing at Lucky 13’s yearly block party!

South Philly FestThe event itself should be fun- and it’s free! So come on down to South Philly and hang out with some fun people, drink some beer, eat some food and catch some fire spinning! And cross your fingers that the rain holds off!