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Krampuslauf 2015

As always, life gets in the way, and I only realized yesterday that I still haven’t posted a recap of Krampuslauf. What to say? The Krampuslauf kids… wow. We’re so proud of them! Tara, Xtina and I met up with the kids the night before our fundraiser and taught them a little choreography. (Well, Xtina and Tara taught them. I’m rubbish at that part, haha.) They recorded the dance, took great notes and practiced all month. Watching them on stage was great. They had fantastic faux fire props- hoops with battery powered tea lights, LED hangers made from wire and fan operated fire pots. I hear they’re already working on how to make the props brighter and planning for next year. Can’t wait!

The weather- how could it have been any better? I’ve never been sweating in my Krampuslauf furs before! This freakishly warm East Coast might make the holidays feel a bit strange, but it’s great for a mid-December outside gathering. We did have one small incident though- our intrepid Safety and All-Around-Awesome-Guy Alex ran eyeball first into a tree branch while he was helping back stage. A cornea scratch and eye-patch later he’s on the mend. You’d think our first major injury would be related to the dangerous things that we do, not an angry tree! Glad he’s feeling better.

On to the photos. Of course, this is one of our most photographed events of the year. The costumes! The parade! Not to mention that the Krampuslauf group consists of some really great photographers. Steve Schultz and Michelle got together after the show to capture some great fire breaths. We’re so proud of our dragon! Ryan Wismer from PHL17 came by again and posted a really fantastic gallery. We’ve got a ton of photos over on facebook, here are some of my favorite.

Here’s to a New Year, looking forward to everything 2016 will bring!!

“Parade of Spirits” at iMPeRFeCT Gallery in Germantown

The Krampus fun continues! Some of our ladies will be at the opening of the “Parade of Spirits” group show at iMPeRFeCT Gallery in Germantown on January 18th. We’re aiming to spin some fire around 7pm in the courtyard next to the gallery. If the weather defeated you for Krampuslauf and you missed the event, make sure to swing by and check out the gallery. It’s sure to get you planning for next year!

Here’s the official write-up:

iMPeRFeCT Gallery is proud to exhibit artifacts made by Krampuslauf Philadelphia artists, plus photographs of their procession and its festivities over the last three Decembers — including the enormous glowing goat-bird hybrid harbinger of Death, the Habergei├č, will be exhibited.

This exhibit will run from JAN. 18 to FEB.8, 2014

Since 2011, Krampuslauf Philadelphia — a winter ritual and community procession based loosely on Alpine tradition — is held in Liberty Lands Park in Northern Liberties. In public workshops and in family homes throughout the year, masks, lanterns, noisemakers, puppets and costumes are made for use in this event.

This Opening will include, fire dancers outdoors, and music, so bundle up the family and join us!

There will also be a new installation in the gallery’s Red Room by Baron Roane.

Our first exhibits of 2014 WooHoo!
Renny & Rocio

If you’d like to know more, you may visit:
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