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Lux Arati Promo by Assembly Pix

Last summer a few of us got together with the great folks over at Assembly, an awesome production company based in nearby Manayunk, to shoot a quick scene for a project they were working on. The final project hasn’t come out yet, but they recently put together an awesome little promo for us from the footage we got that night. Take a look! (They wrote about the project on their blog over here.)


Celebrating Independent People

Last week we had scheduled a shoot with the guys from Assembly, a Philly based production company. Of course it thunderstormed. I even got an email alert for a tornado warning. Perfect, huh? We cancelled the shoot, and of course it didn’t rain for the hour that we were scheduled for. We’d already rescheduled for the next week, though, and I’m glad we did. Beautiful weather last night! We’re only going to be a small part of the final product, but from looking over the shoulder of the cinematographer and from some of the stills they sent, I can’t wait to see the final piece. It’s scheduled to be released around July 4th, I’ll post a link once it’s live. Can’t wait!