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Frank’s Kitchens – The Ida Bridge HoDown 2ott13 :: A KKSD Fundraiser

A previous year’s KKSD creation by Frank’s Kitchens

Members of Lux Arati will be performing THIS SATURDAY, the 6th, at a fundraiser for Frank’s Kitchens. We here at Lux Arati ❤ Frank’s Kitchens, particularly Alex Schuetz, one of our ever present and always patient safties (and husband to our lovely Xtina). So head on out and support him and his pals! And catch some fire spinning!

An event with friends to raise much needed and very appreciated funds to build FK’s 7th major kinetic sculpture to be premiered at this year’s Annual Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby during the Trenton Avenue Arts Fair. 8pm to who knows when, 21+.

1740 Germantown Avenue – 19122
Tickets on sale now, y’all ! Just 15 smackeroo’s!! ($20 at the door)—the-ida-bridge-hodown-2ott13–a-kksd-fundraise/

Coattails and Glitz

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The inaugural “Coattails & Glitz” fund raiser by JCristian Hair Studio (heads up, their website has music playing) to benefit “Supporting Kidds, The Center for Grieving Children and Their Families” was held at the Hockessin Memorial Hall. Photos by Doug Curran, of Furtografer

Don’t let the lack of updates fool you, Lux Arati is as busy as ever!

Michelle spinning fans A few events we had scheduled ended up cancelled, we lost one of our members to a fantastical circus journey to Thailand, two others to adventures on the West Coast, and welcomed new Luxies into the fold. Big changes! However, we finally coordinated to get some footage that we shot last summer, and will be shooting a music video next week, so we’re looking forward to posting a Lux Arati promo in the coming weeks. The skills our new girls bring into the group are very exciting- we’ve got some great stuff coming up. Can’t wait to share it!