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Some Truely Fantastic PEX 2013 photos

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The wonderful Rachel Gwynne-Eisley just posted some photos of our show at PEX, and… well, wow. She did a great job! Definitely check her out if you need someone to shoot live events along the DC – Boston corridor!

We also got some fantastic photos from Lars Larsen. He takes some of the best fire photography I’ve seen, and I’m super happy he was able to grab some good shots of our show. We also went over to his set up of “Camp Photon” after the show on Friday for some staged shots… it was a lot of fun, I’ll post those up later. Swing by his facebook page or his flickr for some more awesome fire photography.


PEX Summer Fest 2013!


What a weekend. Photos and videos are starting to trickle in from PEX summer fest 2013. Once we have some more I’ll post up a big group of them, but till then, here’s a link to part of the show on Thursday night. The crowd was awesome, our fellow Russian Roulette performers were amazing and we had a great time. Also, check out the awesome panoramic photo above that Lux Arati friend Terry Fields snapped. I’d suggest clicking on the image to get it up full size- there was a huge crowd to get in the shot!

Celebrating Independent People

Last week we had scheduled a shoot with the guys from Assembly, a Philly based production company. Of course it thunderstormed. I even got an email alert for a tornado warning. Perfect, huh? We cancelled the shoot, and of course it didn’t rain for the hour that we were scheduled for. We’d already rescheduled for the next week, though, and I’m glad we did. Beautiful weather last night! We’re only going to be a small part of the final product, but from looking over the shoulder of the cinematographer and from some of the stills they sent, I can’t wait to see the final piece. It’s scheduled to be released around July 4th, I’ll post a link once it’s live. Can’t wait!

Instagramming the show

Its funny how hard it can be to track down pictures of our shows. When I look out to the audience it seems that half the folks are holding up their phones. But either the don’t tag us or don’t actually share the images because they end up off in the digital void. Being friends with the bartender who had us at his block party does have some advantages though! I was lamenting that I hadn’t seen any and he showed me to some Instagram shots that folks grabbed. A few friend-ings later and I’ve got some photos to share. Thanks Clark!!

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Our fans are pretty amazing.

Fire Dancers NoteA little sweetheart shared this with the Setu Tribe ladies (a sort of sister-group to Lux Arati, led by our own Geri and featuring a few Luxie ladies) when they were practicing at the basketball court that has been home to many of our fire run-throughs. After most people had left, she gave it to Andria. She remembered the Luxie ladies practicing there from the summer. She also shared a super cool dance move with us. This might be one of the most heartwarming memento from a fan ever. It’s great to see how we are helping to mold the creative spirits of random Philly youth. 🙂 Moments like this are what make all the hard work really worth it.

Fun at the Rotunda!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Rotunda! It was a fun night, with absolutely beautiful weather (a rarity for our shows, ha ha!) and a great crowd. One of our friends, Reagan Lam, a photographer who takes some great shots, came by and got some amazing images of the gig.

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I think one of my favorites is the one of Andria with her staff… great shot for her first gig with us! Thanks Reagan!