The places we go to practice…

Not only does the amazing Tim Merz keep us safe, he also manages to snag a few shots of us getting dirty and sweaty while doing it. Thanks Tim!

After Krampus last year we brought on a few new members, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve all been working on. Our new ladies are GREAT. You may have caught Erin with us at Krampuslauf- we invited her to guest perform with us, and now we’re not letting her go. Fire breather, dragon staff, fan aficionado- yeah, we think we’ll keep her. Brandilyn was also with us at Krampuslauf, helping stage manage. Never hurts to have another lady who can help us stay on track, and she’s our gal. She’s super enthusiastic and once she picked up her fans she set off running. Patrice rounds out our new squad. Another Archedream alum (Instead of blacklights and masks we throw in fire, ’cause why make performance easy?) she’s got a super impressive dance pedigree and is going to wow everyone with her great staff work. (Our new ladies will be added to our performance page very soon, where you can learn more about what special skills they’re bringing to the Lux Arati army.)

We’re hard at work on our piece for this year’s Russian Roulette Variety show at Pex Summer Fest, and hope to bring it to audiences outside of PEX this year too! We’re working on that part- if anyone is looking for a great fire finale to an outside show, let us know!


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