Hurricane Joaquin headed our way, Rescheduled Fall Fire & Arts Fest

Sadly, we regret to inform everyone that we have decided to postpone our first annual Fall Fire & Arts Fest for several reasons, including 3+ wet days leading up to and including the day of, rapidly dropping temperatures, high winds predicted and of course, a looming Category 4 hurricane threatening the Mid-Atlantic coast.

Safety is our biggest concern right now, and we don’t want to risk putting on a fire-centric performance event with the potential for rain and high winds. Beyond that, even if the evening hours stay mostly rain-free the ground will likely still be very wet in the park, which is a huge deterrent for our vendors and the comfort of our audience.

Thank you to all the friends, family, vendors, performers and community supporters that had planned to make it out. The good news is that we have already scheduled our rain-date! Sunday, November 15th, from 2-6pm, at the ever flexible and understanding Liberty Lands Park. The weather might be chillier but we won’t have to fight gale force winds, and it’ll be even better timing to pick up some holiday presents from our vendors!

Thank you all for your patience and understanding, and we hope to see you at our rescheduled event!

The ladies of LUX ARATI

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