Fall/Winter Highlights


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Snowing you say? Won’t stop the ladies of Lux Arati! Here’s a short recap of some of the fun we had Fall/Winter 2013/14. Video and Photography contributors credited and hyperlinked below. Please check them out! Hire them if you’re looking for good people! We <3 everyone who helps us gather evidence that this crazy group of ladies exist.


Some Fiery Fun


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Last weekend we had some time to play around with a collaboration initiated by Lauren Raske, a fellow Philly fire spinner. We were also joined by Lauren’s frequent performance partner, Liana Cameris. We grabbed some footage with a few iPhones and a gopro, check out the video below.

The song used is by the ever talented Gina Ferrera, remixed by Michael NightTime, and can be downloaded here.

PEX Heartburn 007: The Spy Who Stole My Heart


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Oh Heartburn. Always one of the more devilish events. What else could you expect from an event in February? In previous years, we learned the joy of performing in sleet and freezing rain. Since we’ve had our fair share of performing in some pretty cold conditions this year **cough cough KRAMPUS!! cough cough** we thought we’d avoid the frigid temps this go around. Boy are we glad we did! The fire spinning of the night ended up cancelled do to the icy conditions. (The drive there and back was super fun, goodness!) For us though? The show went on! We had a loose spy theme for our costumes and performed throughout the night with some fun roving choreography. We got some great crowd interaction for this one, too! All in all it was a great night. And since we weren’t spinning fire we got to wear all sorts of fun flammable accoutrements. Bustles!!! The photos in our slideshow are tagged by the photographers, but head over to here and here to see more fun shots from the night.

“Parade of Spirits” at iMPeRFeCT Gallery in Germantown


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The Krampus fun continues! Some of our ladies will be at the opening of the “Parade of Spirits” group show at iMPeRFeCT Gallery in Germantown on January 18th. We’re aiming to spin some fire around 7pm in the courtyard next to the gallery. If the weather defeated you for Krampuslauf and you missed the event, make sure to swing by and check out the gallery. It’s sure to get you planning for next year!

Here’s the official write-up:

iMPeRFeCT Gallery is proud to exhibit artifacts made by Krampuslauf Philadelphia artists, plus photographs of their procession and its festivities over the last three Decembers — including the enormous glowing goat-bird hybrid harbinger of Death, the Habergei├č, will be exhibited.

This exhibit will run from JAN. 18 to FEB.8, 2014

Since 2011, Krampuslauf Philadelphia — a winter ritual and community procession based loosely on Alpine tradition — is held in Liberty Lands Park in Northern Liberties. In public workshops and in family homes throughout the year, masks, lanterns, noisemakers, puppets and costumes are made for use in this event.

This Opening will include, fire dancers outdoors, and music, so bundle up the family and join us!

There will also be a new installation in the gallery’s Red Room by Baron Roane.

Our first exhibits of 2014 WooHoo!
Renny & Rocio

If you’d like to know more, you may visit:
Krampuslauf Philadelphia or


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